The professionals and support staff of White Mountain Survey & Engineering, Inc. make up a firm unique to the region, because of the wide range of services and talents which we can apply to a project. We offer the following such services:

Civil Engineering
Land Surveying
Feasibility Studies
Septic System Designs
♦ Environmental Services
            Flood Elevation Certificates
            Shoreland Permitting
Site Plan Review
Expert Witness Testimony
Municipal Projects

White Mountain Survey & Engineering, Inc. is constantly investigating new methods for providing innovative solutions to today's land development problems. We incorporate useful technology as it evolves and as the firm determines it desirable and effective to do so. This philosophy insures that our product is of high quality and provided to the professional standards of the times. This also results in a cost effective solution provided in a timely manner for our clients.

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Name: James F. Rines

Phone: 603.539.4118  x315


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